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10 tips for facial skin health and beauty

Did you know that your facial skin has memory? That is, no matter how you treat it, in the next 20-30 years, it will show you its effects in the mirror. Take every cosmetic procedure from a simple moisturizing cream to filler and botox injections seriously because your skin has a strong memory.
compliance with skin routine; The key to skin health
Routine skin care will affect the quality of your skin for the next 20-30 years.

1- Never use greasy and heavy powder creams on a daily basis. Limit their consumption to important events. Because they can cause pimples and subcutaneous lesions or milia.
2- Be sure to remove your makeup before going to bed. Clean your face with toner to clean the pores.
3- Use a suitable moisturizer for your skin in the morning and at night on clean skin.

Take care of your eyebrows
Repeated and low-quality tattoos and microblading, cheap tattoo removal lasers, as well as eyebrow transplants in unreliable centers, can disrupt the shape of your eyebrows for the rest of your life.

Avoid lip tattoos
Allergy to these substances can involve you with serious complications for years. Those who have lip tattoos are not suitable for lip filler injections. Sometimes the filler material and the tattoo color together cause an inflammatory reaction.

Forget the solarium and sunbathing
Every 6 hours of direct sunlight or solarium will age your skin for 6 months. On the other hand, with these measures, the risk of skin cancer such as melanoma increases greatly.

Don’t follow what’s trending
Cat eyes with weird eyebrow lifts, doll noses, cheap and low-quality dental composites, too many prominent lips, pillow-like cheeks, etc., all of these will one day cause regret.

Avoid smoking
Nicotine in cigarettes and other toxic substances, in addition to increasing the risk of cancer, causes the loss of subcutaneous fat, dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles around the lips, and laxity and tiredness of the skin.

Hookahs and electronic cigarettes are worse and more harmful than regular cigarettes. Whether you smoke 2 cigarettes or 10 cigarettes a day has little effect on the cumulative and exponential harmful effects of smoking. Therefore, do not expose yourself to harm by thinking that the number of threads is low.

Do not neglect the durability and effect of beauty treatments
Look at every cosmetic procedure you do today as an effective medical procedure, not a temporary one; Sometimes you will see the effects of a low-quality laugh line filler for a long time.

Do not use low-quality fillers and botox. Research laser, RF, etc. devices. Be aware of whether cosmetic procedures are really useful and effective for you or not.

In bad mental or economic conditions, don’t go for beauty treatments at all. Usually, in this situation, your choice and decision will be affected by your circumstances and the result will often not be satisfactory.

Value your sleep
Take care of the amount and quality of your sleep. Sleeping too little and too late will severely damage the general health of your body and the freshness of your skin in the long run.

Have proper nutrition
Avoid consuming too much sugar and carbohydrates because it has been proven that consuming too much sugar causes skin collagen to break down. Avoid special diets such as veganism or vegetarianism as much as possible. Our body needs a sufficient amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates and vitamins. With these diets, you will suffer from iron deficiency, vitamin deficiency, female hormone disorders, hair loss and osteoporosis. Your sleep will be disturbed and in the long run, your skin will age.

Be careful not to lose more than 2 kg per month
Rapid weight loss causes osteoporosis, liver damage, depression and hair loss in addition to sagging skin. Also, in rapid weight loss, you lose more muscle than fat. Therefore, the muscles of your face will also melt.

Avoid yo-yo diets or frequent weight gain and loss. This issue disturbs the balance of your body’s metabolism and has a direct effect on your skin.

Facial moles are beautiful; Do not seek to delete them
Do not touch moles on your face unless they are growing.

Finally, don’t forget that facial beauty is a combination of right behaviors and choices; So, if you want healthy and beautiful skin, take care of it and only go to skilled and experienced specialists for cosmetic procedures.


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